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The Top 10 Hardest Questions on the G1 Exam

If you’re looking to get your G1 in Ontario, you’ll need to quickly become familiar with a wide variety of topics - demerit points, rules of the road, signs, and pavement markings, among other things. While the majority of the…

Student writing a multiple choice test

The Best Resources to Help You Prepare for the G1 Test

If you're looking to start driving in Ontario, chances are you're getting ready to take your G1 knowledge test. The G1 test is the first step in obtaining your driver's license, and it can be a bit daunting. But don't…

Student writing a test.

What happens if you fail the G1 test?

The G1 knowledge test isn’t a walk in the park. Unless you’ve studied thoroughly or have gone through a structured program, you may fail the first time you take it. But that’s nothing to be ashamed of because nearly 50-70%…

Vehicle parked beside a park in Ontario.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your G1, G2, and G Drivers Licence

Getting a driver's licence is a liberating experience for many and a rite of passage for everyone. Thankfully, Ontario’s Graduated Licensing System makes the process pretty straightforward while also ensuring that our roads are safe. New drivers in Ontario that…

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9 essential tips for passing the G1 written test in Ontario

Looking to get fully licensed in Ontario? The first step in your driving journey is getting your G1 license. To get your G1 license, you’ll need to take a two-part written test.  To help you ace your G1 test and…

a person sitting at a desk taking a g1 licence test

The 5 best free G1 practice tests to get your G1 license on the first try

Looking to get your G1 license in Ontario and start learning to drive? You’ll need to pass the G1 license written test first, which isn’t always easy. offers an official practice test on its website, but only provides 8…

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