Taking a driver’s test is already intimidating enough; the last thing you need is to feel confused or overwhelmed by the test location itself! If you’re getting your driver’s license in Toronto at the Downsview DriveTest Centre, you’ve come to the right place – we’ve got the tips, insight, and facts you need to know to prepare to ace your road test. Let’s take a closer look.

Welcome to the Toronto Downsview DriveTest Centre!

An image of the front side of the Toronto Downsview DriveTest Centre building

Image courtesy of Downsview Park

This DriveTest Centre is located in the heart of the sprawling and happening Downsview Park. You can find its main entrance on the rear side of the building. Here’s a quick rundown of the basic details you need to know:


37 Carl Hall Rd, North York, Toronto ON, M3K 2E2


Hours of Operation:

Tests Offered at Downsview

All DriveTest Centres offer knowledge tests for all license classes, including the location at Downsview Park. Road tests, however, vary from one office to another. 

This DriveTest Centre offers the following road tests:



Downsview DriveTest Centre Road Test 101: What to Expect

As is true for all other driver licensing offices, you must be at least 16 years old to be eligible for a road test. The age requirement for commercial driver’s licenses varies depending on the class you’re pursuing.

When you arrive at the test centre, you should be prepared to provide a few key things regardless of the kind of test you need to take:

Before you take your road test, you’ll have to pass a knowledge test, but you also must pass a vision test. 

The Route

Every time you take a road test – no matter what kind it is – at the Downsview DriveTest Centre, you may be asked to take a slightly different route. The instructions you get (such as when to merge) may also be slightly different. 

However, based on other student experiences, we can predict the most likely route you’ll take during your exam. Even if your route is a little different, it will probably overlap with this rough outline at some point. 

Part 1: Exiting the Lot

Part 2: Quick Loop Around the Highway

Tips to Nail Your Road Tests at Toronto Downsview

Overall, those who have taken road tests at the Toronto Downsview licensing office agree that the location is a good place to take a road test. Its routes are usually fairly simple, but the centre itself can be a bit hectic. 

Still, walking in with reasonable expectations and a game plan can help you conquer your road test on the first try. Below are a few tips we’ve compiled based on experiences from other local drivers.

1. Book your test in advance and be prepared for a potential wait.

Since this office is in an accessible location, it’s a popular spot for locals looking to take tests. Those who pre-book their appointments for road tests seem to have faster and better experiences across the board. So, it’s probably best to avoid waiting until the day of to schedule a time to take the test.

If you haven’t booked an appointment but need to take a test, do your best to arrive as early as you can to the office. Some recommend getting to the test centre before the doors open if you want to completely avoid waiting. 

Realistically, though, you should expect the process to take a few hours. If you’re prepared for this reality, you’ll probably be much less stressed by it!

2. Dodge crowds by booking low-demand time slots.

The beginning and the end of the week are likely the busiest times for this location, given that it’s typically closed on weekends. Going for a test during the morning on a low-demand day might help you avoid the bulk of the crowds.

Likewise, try to book a time after the morning rush, too, so that you can avoid running into traffic when you take your test (especially when you merge onto the highway!) 

3. Pay close attention to your number.

Remember, this centre is busy – it can sometimes be a bit noisy, which might make it hard to hear your number being called. Keep an eye on the screen that displays which number is being serviced so you know what’s going on. 

If you miss your number, you’ll probably have to take a new one and wait again. In some cases, you might end up having to schedule an appointment on an entirely new day. 

4. Practice, practice, practice!

There’s no better way to ensure you’ll pass your test than to practice as much as you can. But practicing for your road test doesn’t have to be boring, stressful, or confusing. 

You can connect with some of Canada’s best driving instructors to schedule hourly lessons that fit your schedule with the help of Kruzee. Our team of government-certified experts is here to help you polish your driving skills so that you can pass your test with flying colors!

Working with an instructor to preview the route we’ve outlined here can give you an extra boost of confidence that will definitely come in handy the day of the test. It’s also a good chance to work on specific areas of need for the route, like comfortably accelerating and merging onto the highway or swapping lanes. 

Helpful Resources for Test Takers

Ready to ace your road test? We’ve got a few more recommendations and pointers to help you prepare like a pro. 

The Bottom Line

If the Toronto Downsview DriveTest Centre is your location of choice for your road test, you can expect a pretty calm and simple route, but a potentially busy licensing office. 

While reports about the exact skills and areas covered in the road test vary, the community consistently points out that this location is best set up to handle scheduled appointments. 

Make sure you know what to bring, where to go, and what to expect, and you’ll be able to walk into your road test with the confidence you need to succeed – remember, Kruzee is here to help you make that happen!