You’ve studied hard, spent hours practicing behind the wheel, but luck just wasn’t on your side. The reasons for failing a G test are extensive, and sometimes it might just not be your day. In Ontario, more than 40% of test takers fail on their first try, so you’re definitely not alone!

If you’ve failed your G test and are wondering what happens next, here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Do you lose your license if you fail your G test?

In most cases, no – you do not lose your current license if you fail your G test. DriveTest examiners can’t downgrade your license just because you failed the G test! You would only lose your license if you’ve committed serious violations against the Highway Traffic Act.

However – if your license expires close to your G test exam date, you may end up in a complicated situation. Let’s say that you’re a G2 license holder, and your license expires in a week. In this situation, if you fail your G test and aren’t able to get another test appointment before your license expires, you will lose your G2 license. To get your G2 license back, you’ll have to take the G2 test again. To avoid this situation, make sure that there is plenty of time between when your G2 license expires and your G test appointment, in case you have to retake the G test.

How many times are you allowed to fail the G test?

There is no limit on the amount of times you can retake the G test. So long as your license hasn’t expired and DriveTest has availability, you can retake the G test as many times as you need in order to pass. 

How long do you need to wait before retaking your G test?

You must wait a minimum of 10 days since your last G test attempt before retaking the test. The Ministry of Transportation introduced this rule to make sure that you have adequate time to practice before retaking the G test.

What happens if you fail your G test?

The implications of failing your G test depend on whether you’re going through the standard Ontario graduated licensing system, or an individual with foreign driving experience looking to get an Ontario license. Read on below for what happens in each of these situations

1. If you went through the standard Ontario graduated licensing system

If you’re going through the standard Ontario graduated licensing system, you can still drive with your G2 license if you fail your G test (so long as your G2 license doesn’t expire!). At this point, you’ll want to schedule a second attempt at the G test if you haven’t already. Remember – there is no limit on how many times you can retake your G test, however you must wait at least 10 days to retake the test since your last attempt.

2. If you have foreign driving experience and are looking to get an Ontario license

Many individuals with foreign driver’s licenses are given the chance to “challenge” the G test directly after getting the G1, without having to get a G2 license in between. If you’re in this situation and failed the G test, you’ll unfortunately be required to go through Ontario’s standard graduated licensing system. This means that you’ll have to get your G2 license before taking the G test again. 

In this situation, you’ll need to wait at least 10 days before trying to take your G2 test. Typically, driving lessons are recommended in these situations, since a professional driving instructor can help you increase your odds of passing considerably. You may also want to consider taking a full Beginner Driver Education (BDE) course.

What is the cost to retake the G test?

For each attempt of the G test, the cost is $91.25. The cost is the same for the first and all subsequent attempts at taking the test. To minimize the amount of times you have to pay the G road test fee, make sure to read through the examiner’s sheet thoroughly and thoroughly practice the areas where you need to improve.

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How to pass the G test on your second try

While having to retake the G test is discouraging, you can take some comfort in the fact that the odds are more in your favour the second time you take the test. You’ll know exactly where you went wrong, and will be extra careful not to make the same mistakes again. Here are our top 5 tips for passing your G test on the second try. For more advice on passing your G test, click here.

1. Read through your score sheet carefully

At the end of your test, you can ask your examiner to share your score sheet with you. Your score sheet will identify exactly where you need to improve, so you can focus your practice where it’s needed most. It is the key to passing your G test on the second try. 

For example, did you fail because you merged too slowly onto the highway? Because you hit the curb when parallel parking? Because of a speed limit infraction? Whatever your specific reason for failing the road test is, you’ll see it spelled out clearly on your score sheet. We also recommend scanning or taking pictures of your score sheet, in case you lose the physical copy. 

2. Take driving lessons – and bring your score sheet with you

If you didn’t pass your road test on the first try, driving lessons can go a long way towards improving your odds of success. Quality driving instructors will have seen their students through hundreds of G tests over the years, and are familiar with where students tend to trip up most. 

If you bring your score sheet from DriveTest with you to your driving lessons, your driving instructor will know exactly where you both need to focus. Having issues merging onto the highway at the proper speed? No problem – your driving instructor can practice this with you. Worried about your parallel parking? Your driving instructor can help you practice until parallel parking is second nature to you. Unlike your friends or family members, driving instructors know exactly what DriveTest examiners look for in each driving maneuver. Think of it like going to the gym with a personal trainer vs. going to the gym with your friend – the personal trainer knows what good form looks like, and will hold you accountable to said good form. The same is true for taking driving lessons.

3. Practice highway driving 

Highway driving is a critical part of each G test. As part of the G test, you’ll need to merge onto the highway, change lanes, conduct an emergency roadside stop, and exit the highway safely. All of these steps might sound easy enough on their own, but DriveTest examiners typically don’t keep you on the highway for more than one exit – meaning you’ll have to perform each of these maneuvers in relatively short order. 

To increase your odds of passing the G test on your second attempt, make sure you’re spending enough time on Ontario’s freeway system. You’ll want to practice merging at the speed of oncoming traffic (typically 100 km/ph), safely changing lanes, and exiting the highway.

4. Take a mock G exam with your driving instructor

When you feel that you’re ready to retake the G test, we strongly recommend doing a mock G exam with your driving instructor. Your driving instructor will know whether you’re ready to retake the official test or whether you need more practice. A mock exam will allow you to identify any remaining areas for improvement in an environment where it’s safe to fail. Often, you can ask your driving instructor to mark you just as the DriveTest examiners would, so that you have a better idea of what your potential score might be.

5. On the day of your test, listen carefully to the examiner’s verbal commands

Sometimes, the stress of the exam environment can cause people to tune out what the DriveTest examiner is saying. As much as you can, listen carefully to what the DriveTest examiner is saying. They’ll be giving you verbal and physical commands, and aren’t trying to trick you. DriveTest examiners are trained to be as clear as possible when giving instructions – there are no “trick questions” on this exam. One of the more common reasons for failing the G test is misunderstanding or not listening to the examiner’s instructions, so if you don’t understand something, ask the examiner to repeat what they said!


Failing your G test can be stressful, but with deliberate practice, you can improve your chances of passing considerably on the second attempt. Take your time, get into the right frame of mind, and ace that G test. Good luck!

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