The G2 test is a notoriously difficult exam; in Ontario, more than 45% of students fail their G2 road test on the first attempt. Often, it can seem like you’re doing everything right, but luck just isn’t on your side! 

If you’ve recently taken your G2 test and failed, the next steps can be a bit confusing. We’ve pulled together this guide to help you understand what to do from here, and how to be more successful on your second attempt.

What are the first things you should do after failing your G2 test?

If the G2 test didn’t go your way, you’re probably feeling a bit dejected and want to head home and put the experience behind you. Hold off on this if you can, since there are a few important housekeeping items you should take care of before leaving the DriveTest centre.

1. Request a copy of the examiner sheet

The examiner sheet is your key to passing the G2 test on your second attempt. Make sure you don’t leave the DriveTest centre without it! The examiner sheet will describe exactly where you went wrong, and will be instrumental in identifying the areas where you need to improve.

While you can obtain an electronic copy of your examiner sheet, we recommend requesting a physical copy before you leave the DriveTest centre. To do so, you simply need to go up to the kiosk where you signed in for your road test and a DriveTest team member will be able to help you. You’ll just need to provide your name and driver’s license number, and you will immediately receive a copy of your examiner sheet.

After leaving the DriveTest centre, if you would like an electronic copy as well, you can email with your name, driver’s license number, phone number, email address, and the location where you took your G2 test, and they will provide you with a copy of your examiner sheet in a few days.

2. Book your next G2 exam

Appointments with DriveTest (especially in the Greater Toronto Area) can be difficult to come by. As a result, we recommend that you book your next G2 appointment before leaving the DriveTest centre, so that you have a date secured. This isn’t a permanent booking – you can always reschedule within 48 hours of your G2 test time – but it at least gives you peace of mind that you have another test appointment reserved. Afterwards, if you feel that you need a bit more time to prepare, you can always reschedule your G2 test appointment online for a time further in the future.

3. Debrief with your driving instructor

Once you have your examiner sheet in hand and have booked your next G2 appointment, it’s best to debrief with your driving instructor while the test is still fresh. They can go through your examiner sheet with you, and know your individual driving style better than almost anyone due to your shared history. Together with your driving instructor, you can take some notes on where you need to improve so that you can review your weaker areas in your next driving lessons.

Do you lose your license if you fail your G2 test?

No, failing your G2 test will not result in you losing your license! The only scenario where you could lose your license is if you fail your G2 test and then your license expires shortly thereafter. For this reason, it’s best to try to get your test scheduled a few months before your license expires (at least!) so that you have a bit of margin of safety should you fail the test. You could also lose your license for committing any major legal or driving violations, or if there is a major change in your vision / heart condition / ability to drive, but that’s unrelated to failing your G2 test.

How many times can you fail your G2 test?

There is no limit on the number of times you can fail the G2 test; the Ministry of Transportation allows you to retake the G2 test as many times as you need in order to pass. The only caveat is that you need to pass the test before your G2 license expires (usually within 5 years).

How long do you need to wait before retaking your G2 test?

You must wait a minimum of 10 days since your last G2 test attempt before retaking the test. The Ministry of Transportation introduced this rule to make sure that you have adequate time to practice before retaking the G2 test. 

What happens if you fail your G2 test?

The short answer – not much! If you fail your G2 test, you’ll simply be required to retake it until you pass. The slightly longer answer depends on whether you’re a new Ontarian looking to transfer driving experience from somewhere else, or if you’re a long-time resident of Ontario looking to go through the standard graduated licensing system.

1. If you went through the standard Ontario graduated licensing system

If you’re going through the standard Ontario graduated licensing system, you can still drive with your G1 license if you fail your G2 test. You will still need to follow all of the rules and restrictions associated with the G1 license, though, such as only driving with an experienced driver. After failing the G2 test, you’ll simply need to book another appointment and practice your driving until you feel comfortable enough to take the test again.

2. If you have foreign driving experience and are looking to get an Ontario license

Depending on where you’re moving to Ontario from you may have been given the chance to “challenge” the G2 or G exam directly, without having to wait the standard 12 months after getting your G1. If you fail a “challenge” to the G2 test, you will unfortunately need to go through the standard graduated licensing system. That means waiting 12 months after taking your G1 (or 8 months if you go to driving school) before you can take the G2 test again.

Typically, driving lessons are recommended in these situations, since a professional driving instructor can help you increase your odds of passing considerably. You may also want to consider taking a full Beginner Driver Education (BDE) course.

What is the cost to retake your G2 test?

For each additional attempt of the G2 test, the cost is $53.75. To minimize the amount of times you have to pay the G2 road test fee, make sure to read through the examiner’s sheet thoroughly and thoroughly practice