Driver’s education is an important part of learning road safety, and historically, driver’s ed has been taught in-person, forcing students to spend hours in cramped classrooms. 

However, recently the Ontario Ministry of Transportation has allowed for online delivery of the theory portion of driver’s ed curriculums. Some misconceptions still surround completing your driver’s ed course online, however. We’ve pulled together this guide to separate the fact from the fiction:

5 reasons why online-first driving school might be better for you

  1. Same benefits as traditional driving school.

    With an online driving school like Kruzee, you’re getting a high quality experience with all the same benefits as a driver’s education. Kruzee’s driver’s education curriculum is MTO-approved and user tested, allowing you to get your G1 license in 8 months rather than 12 and a possible discount on your auto insurance. By taking driver’s ed online, you know that you’re getting the same high quality material that other Kruzee users are getting, without leaving your home. 

  2. Lower pricing.

    Online driving schools like Kruzee are designed around affordability, meaning that you know you’re getting a high quality experience for less than a traditional in-person driving class. By saving money on physical classrooms and instruction materials, Kruzee is able to pass on the cost savings to students, making online driver’s education more affordable than classroom-based education.

  3. Flexible scheduling.

    By completing driver’s ed online, you can learn whenever and wherever you want. Whether you want to speed through the program or space it out, you can learn at your own pace and however is easiest for you. In physical classrooms, you often need to complete classes on weekends and evenings, and have little choice in the learning schedule that is set by the driving school. Online driver’s ed courses like Kruzee’s allow you to choose when and where you want to learn.

  4. Complete theory hours at the same time as your driving hours.

    Another benefit of flexible scheduling is the ability to complete theory hours alongside your in-car instruction. Just completed the module on parking? You can schedule a session with a Kruzee driving instructor online to practice your new driving skills. Prefer to finish all of your in-car lessons before completing the online modules? No problem, so long as you complete both within a year.

  5. No commute.

    With online driver’s ed you can complete your driver’s ed theory hours from home. There’s no need to commute to a driving school, wait in traffic, or spend hours on a bus. Instead, you can spend the time you save commuting on learning how to become a better driver.

Learn more about taking driver’s ed with Kruzee online.