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Student writing a multiple choice test

How to look out for hidden fees when choosing a driving school

Over the last decade, driving schools in Ontario have become notorious for unethical business practices, illegal behaviour, and charging a plethora of hidden fees. As a result, if you’re considering enrolling in a driving school in Ontario, it’s important to…

Student writing a test.

What happens if you fail the G1 test?

The G1 knowledge test isn’t a walk in the park. Unless you’ve studied thoroughly or have gone through a structured program, you may fail the first time you take it. But that’s nothing to be ashamed of because nearly 50-70%…


Is driving school worth it? Here are 5 steps to determine whether driving school is right for you

Looking to get your G2, but still on the fence as to whether driving school is right for you? We’ve pulled together this guide to help you think through the decision in a structured way. We know that each situation…

Student in car with a seatbelt.

5 Most Common Mistakes on G2 and G Road Tests

We’ve all heard horror stories about how difficult road tests could be (here are some scary DriveTest pass rates). It’s a nerve-racking process for new drivers, especially with the added pressure of cold-blooded examiners (they’re great people though!). For those…


What happens if you fail your G2 test in Ontario?

The G2 test is a notoriously difficult exam; in Ontario, more than 45% of students fail their G2 road test on the first attempt. Often, it can seem like you’re doing everything right, but luck just isn’t on your side! …


Should you get your own car insurance or use your parents’?

Car insurance for new drivers can be brutally expensive.  New drivers face a higher risk of accidents, making their car insurance rates 5-6x the national average. Over the course of a year, car insurance rates for new drivers can be…

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