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5 Common Mistakes That Can Lead to You Failing your G2 Test

Ontario’s G2 test is by no means an easy exam. On average, the G2 test has a pass rate of 50-60%, compared to 60-70% for the G test. That said, you can increase your chances of passing substantially if you…


How to get your G2 and G license faster in Ontario

If you’re a recent G1 licenseholder in Ontario, you’re probably itching to get your full G license - or at least a G2 - without having to wait for years and years. The G1 license, while helpful, comes with a…

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The G2 Road Test Examination Sheet Explained

DriveTest examiners are trained to use an examination sheet when scoring candidates during their road tests. The G2 and G examiner sheets are similar, however, the G test sheet contains more maneuvers for the examiner to assess (e.g., highway driving).…


What happens if you fail your G2 test in Ontario?

The G2 test is a notoriously difficult exam; in Ontario, more than 45% of students fail their G2 road test on the first attempt. Often, it can seem like you’re doing everything right, but luck just isn’t on your side! …

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The G2 Road Test: How to Pass on Your First Try

Getting your G2 license is no walk in the park. Thousands of aspiring drivers prepare all year to ace this road test, and at some DriveTest centres, over half of them fail the first time. Although luck plays a significant…

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How to get your G2 and G road test appointments faster

If you’ve tried booking a road test over the past few weeks, you’ve probably realized that availability is extremely limited. During the pandemic, DriveTest was shut down for several months and eager students across Ontario had to postpone their road…

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