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Looking to get your G1 license in Ontario and start learning to drive? You’ll need to pass the G1 license written test first, which isn’t always easy. offers an official practice test on its website, but only provides 8 questions. To help you study for your G1 exam and begin driving, here’s where to find the 5 best free G1 practice tests.  

What’s on the G1 test? 

The test includes questions on road rules, road signs, and demerit points so you’ll want to take G1 practice tests that include both. Beyond just getting your G1, the knowledge you learn while studying for the G1 test will be helpful when you begin driving. 

Best free G1 practice tests

  1. MTO Driver’s Handbook Practice Test —  official MTO Driver’s Handbook G1 practice test. Though there’s only eight questions provided, it’s a good place to start, especially since some of these questions might show up on your actual written test. 
  2. Pass Drive Test — This website offers 240 practice test questions and sorts them by difficulty. They offer G1 test practice at different levels, from easy to hard, so you can grow your knowledge as you keep practicing. While the match rate with the actual G1 exam isn’t perfect, it’s a great place to start.
  3. Driving Test Canada — This site offers 237 practice test questions, split up by road rules and road signs. 
  4. — is a great place to look when you’re looking to get your G1 license. The site provides multiple practice tests and collects the questions you get wrong so you know what to practice. 
  5. APNA Toronto — This site offers tests split by road rules and signs. Use it to test your knowledge in each of these areas to see what you need to study more.

And, one great paid G1 test

If you’re looking for a bit more in-depth practice,  we’ve built a G1 practice course at Kruzee with 300+ practice questions and 10 mock exams. We’ve built the course based on real G1 exams so you can be confident you’re getting all the preparation you need.

For more advice on getting your G1 license, find out the nine essential tips you need to know for acing your G1 written test. 

Still haven’t passed the G1 test? Start preparing with our prep course!

We don’t win unless you win! If you complete our course and pass our G1 simulated test, we’ll give you a full refund if you don’t pass your G1 knowledge exam on the first try

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Taking driving lessons

Congrats! When you’ve passed your G1 test, you’re ready to sign up for driver’s ed and lessons with a driving instructor near you. Find driving lessons in your city.

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