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6 restricted areas for driving lessons in Toronto

If you’re taking driving lessons in Toronto, you’re unfortunately not allowed to practice just anywhere.  In order to reduce congestion and make the roads safer for new drivers, the City of Toronto has introduced restrictions in terms of the areas…

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How to look out for hidden fees when choosing a driving school

Over the last decade, driving schools in Ontario have become notorious for unethical business practices, illegal behaviour, and charging a plethora of hidden fees. As a result, if you’re considering enrolling in a driving school in Ontario, it’s important to…


Is driving school worth it? Here are 5 steps to determine whether driving school is right for you

Looking to get your G2, but still on the fence as to whether driving school is right for you? We’ve pulled together this guide to help you think through the decision in a structured way. We know that each situation…

Two teens on the trunk of a car.

Teaching Your Teen to Drive: A Step-by-Step Guide

Turning 16 is a huge milestone for teenagers; does anyone remember the show My Super Sweet 16? Me neither. But I do remember how excited I was to finally get my G1 driver’s license and get behind the wheel for…

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10 Defensive Driving Tips That Can Save Your Life

Learning to drive can be an exciting part of our lives. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, driving has the power to make our lives easier and our commutes a lot smoother. However, with great power comes great responsibility and…

The Ultimate Guide to Going to Driving School in Ontario

Thinking of going to driving school in Ontario? We’ve pulled together this guide to help you sort the fact from the fiction and make an informed decision. Myths about driver’s ed and driving schools abound, and the sheer number of…

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