Lady taking her G2 road test in Toronto.
How to Pass Your Road Test at the Downsview DriveTest Centre
June 18, 2024

Taking a driver’s test is already intimidating enough; the last thing you need is to feel confused or overwhelmed by the test location itself! If you’re getting your driver’s license in Toronto at the Downsview DriveTest Centre, you’ve come to the right place – we’ve got the tips, insight, and facts you need to know […]

Drivetest centre in Ontario
The Best DriveTest Centres to Book Your G2 and G Road Tests in Ontario
March 3, 2023

You’ve passed your G1 written test, completed a Beginner Driver Education course (it’s not mandatory, only highly, highly encouraged), and now you’re “gearing up” for the road test (ha!). There’s a big decision that stands between you and the ability to drive on your own (or if you’re going for a G license test, the […]

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your G1, G2, and G Drivers Licence
March 3, 2023

Getting a driver’s licence is a liberating experience for many and a rite of passage for everyone. Thankfully, Ontario’s Graduated Licensing System makes the process pretty straightforward while also ensuring that our roads are safe. New drivers in Ontario that are looking to get behind the wheel (or the handle – if you’re getting a […]

How to master the highway portion of the G test
February 8, 2023

In order to pass your G road test, you’ll need to get comfortable with highway driving. Highway driving is understandably nerve-wracking – the increased speed requires drivers to be especially alert. Like many portions of the road test, though, there is a process you can learn in order to excel on the test. While intuition […]

Person holding up 5 fingers
G Road Test: 5 Things You Need to Know
November 22, 2022

Ontario’s Graduated Licensing Program allows new drivers enough time to practice before taking their road test. As you may already know, the minimum wait time between the G2 and G road tests is 12 months. This should be time spent practicing your driving skills and getting experience on expressways (a big part of your G […]

The top 4 tips for passing your G test on the first try
November 19, 2022

Have you had your G2 license for 2 years and want to take the road test to get your full G license? Kruzee’s got your back.  To help you ace your full G road test on the first try, Kruzee talked to two of our best driving instructors, Cory Froklage and Zainab Qiam, to find […]

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