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The Best Resources to Help You Prepare for the Learner’s (L) Licence Test in British Columbia

If you’re looking to start driving in British Columbia, chances are you’re getting ready to take your Learner’s (L) Licence Knowledge Test. This test is the first step in obtaining your driver’s licence, and it can be a bit daunting.…


What happens if I fail the Learner’s (L) License Knowledge Test in British Columbia?

If you’re looking to get your driver’s license in British Columbia, the first step will be to crack the Learner’s (L) License knowledge test. It’s not the easiest test to pass, though, with questions covering every sign, signal, and road…

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What happens if you fail the Class 7 Knowledge Test in Alberta?

Looking to get your driver’s license in Alberta? Getting your Class 7 License Learner’s License is the first step in your journey to becoming a fully licensed driver. In order to receive your Class 7 Learner's License, you'll need to…


Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Class 7 and Class 5 Licenses in Alberta

If you're looking to obtain your driver's licence in Alberta, you'll need to go through the province's Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program.  This program is designed to provide new drivers with plenty of practice and experience before they drive independently…


How to master the highway portion of the G test

In order to pass your G road test, you’ll need to get comfortable with highway driving. Highway driving is understandably nerve-wracking - the increased speed requires drivers to be especially alert. Like many portions of the road test, though, there…


How to get your G2 and G license faster in Ontario

If you’re a recent G1 licenseholder in Ontario, you’re probably itching to get your full G license - or at least a G2 - without having to wait for years and years. The G1 license, while helpful, comes with a…

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