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What happens if you fail your G2 test in Ontario?

The G2 test is a notoriously difficult exam; in Ontario, more than 45% of students fail their G2 road test on the first attempt. Often, it can seem like you’re doing everything right, but luck just isn’t on your side! …


Should you get your own car insurance or use your parents’?

Car insurance for new drivers can be brutally expensive.  New drivers face a higher risk of accidents, making their car insurance rates 5-6x the national average. Over the course of a year, car insurance rates for new drivers can be…


The Top 10 Things You Need to Do as Soon as You Move to Ontario

New to Ontario? Moving can be a stressful, hectic process whether you’re coming from a different province or another country. Kruzee’s got your back with this list of what to do once you’ve moved to Ontario, so you don’t miss…


Top 5 reasons for failing the G road test

Failed G tests in Ontario tend to have a lot in common. While there’s a lot that happens on the road that’s outside of your control, DriveTest examiners are required to grade students on a standardized marking scheme. As a…


What happens if you fail your G test in Ontario?

You’ve studied hard, spent hours practicing behind the wheel, but luck just wasn’t on your side. The reasons for failing a G test are extensive, and sometimes it might just not be your day. In Ontario, more than 40% of…

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10 Tips For Choosing a Driving Instructor in Ontario

Unfortunately, we’ve all heard horror stories about bad driving instructors. Whether it’s instructors operating without a licence, teaching illegal manoeuvres, or constantly cancelling last-minute, these stories are more common than many of us would like. On average, around 1,000 formal…

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