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woman driving a car taking a g2 road test

9 essential tips for acing your G2 road test in Ontario

Looking to get your G2 license in Ontario and start driving by yourself? Kruzee has you covered.  To help you ace your G2 road test on the first try, Kruzee talked to two of our most experienced driving instructors, Cory…

sunny ground level view of a round through a forest

How to Book Your G2 License Road Test in Ontario

To get your G2 license in Ontario, you’ll need to pass the G2 road test, otherwise known as the G1 exit test. As the second step in Ontario's graduated licensing program, the G2 license allows individuals to drive by themselves…

birds eye view of a winding road through a forest

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Driver’s Licence in Toronto in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Driver’s Licence in Toronto in 2023 Toronto residents can start the process of getting licensed when they turn 16 — an exciting milestone for young people and new residents to the province. However, the…

a person taking notes from the drivers handbook

8 driving tips you may not know from Ontario’s new driver’s handbook

Need to pass a driver’s test, learn about driving in Ontario, or just get some driving tips? The Official Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Driver’s Handbook is the place to start. The handbook is a comprehensive guide to driving in and…

man driving in a car in driving school

The top 5 reasons to go through driving school in Ontario

For many, getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage. For high school or university students, driver’s licenses can represent a transition into adulthood. For new Ontarians, securing an Ontario license is an important part of making their new…

front seat view of a person passing a g2 license test first try

The top 4 tips for passing your G test on the first try

Have you had your G2 license for 2 years and want to take the road test to get your full G license? Kruzee’s got your back.  To help you ace your full G road test on the first try, Kruzee…

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