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What does this road sign mean?





This is an information sign that indicates that a hospital is nearby. Information signs are square signs with white symbols or text.

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What does this sign mean?

This is a slow-moving vehicle

This is a an emergency vehicle

This is a fast-moving vehicle

This is a construction vehicle

The sign on the back of the vehicle indicates that it is a slow-moving vehicle (traveling at a speed of 40 km/h or less). These typically include farm and construction vehicles.

What must you do if an emergency vehicle with its siren on is approaching behind you?

Continue driving regularly

Stop immediately and let the vehicle go around you

Speed up to go faster than the emergency vehicle

Safely pull to the right and stop

If an emergency vehicle (e.g., ambulance, firetruck) is approaching you with its sirens on, pull over safely to the right and stop. Remain stopped until the emergency vehicle has passed.

What does this road sign mean?

Reduce your speed

There is a pedestrian crossing ahead

There is a school crossing ahead

Yield to pedestrians

This is a warning sign indicating that there is a school zone crossing ahead. Reduce your speed and stop for pedestrians.

What does this sign mean?

No driving any further

Yield to oncoming traffic at the intersection

There is a 4-way intersection ahead

Railway crossing ahead

This sign indicates that there is a railway crossing ahead. If there is a train coming, you will be required to stop and wait for the train to pass. If there is no train coming, you should drive slowly over the rail tracks and look both ways before crossing.

What type of road sign is this?

A permissive sign

A roundabout sign

A warning sign

A prohibitive sign

A green circle is a permissive sign; it indicates that you are allowed to do what is indicated on the sign.

What does this sign mean?

No parking allowed

Parking reserved for people with disabilities

Wheelchair parking zone

Hospital zone

This is a parking sign indicating that the spot is reserved for individuals with disabilities. Parking in the spot without a disabled parking permit can result in fines.

If you don’t stop for a school bus that has red lights flashing, you will face which of the following penalties for a first offence?

One year license suspension

Six months in jail

Fine of up to $500 and 4 demerit points

Fine of up to $2,000 and 6 demerit points

If you fail to stop for a stopped school bus whose red lights are flashing, you will be fined $400–$2,000 and receive 6 demerit points if this was your first offence.

This driver is using a hand signal. The driver intends to…

Slow down or stop

Make a U-turn

Turn right

Turn left

This is a hand signal indicating that the driver is turning right. Hand signals are used to communicate with other road users when a vehicle’s indicators are not working or in conjunction with indicators for added safety.

What does this road sign mean?

There is a narrow bridge ahead

There is a one-way street ahead

The road narrows ahead

There is an obstacle ahead

This is a warning sign indicating that there is a narrow bridge ahead. Usually, this means that there are fewer lanes on the bridge than there are on the road. Keep an eye out for oncoming traffic (especially if it’s a one-lane road) and drive carefully.



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